IAF Presents Notations

15 Aug 2016

The Irish Architecture Foundation presents Notations’, a collection of books for sale.

Notations is a collection of eight individual books that together form a folio of drawings, notes, collages, photographs and appropriated images taken from the notebooks of architects who use them as both reflective and reflexive forms of thinking.

It includes work by Tom dePaor, Michael Doherty, Grafton Architects, Seamus Lennon, McCullough Mulvin, O’Donnell + Tuomey and Nigel Peake.

Based on the principle that notebooks provide unique insights into personal worlds of drawing, this publication offers a set of open notations that can be interpreted and experienced as directly as they were drawn and made: unselfconsciously curious about the world.

Published by Gall Editions

Editors: Paul Clarke and Peter Maybury

This is a limited edition of 250 copies. Blending several papers and binding techniques, each volume has a unique dimension and a specially mixed coloured binding. 100 sets with custom made slipcase.

The set is available at a special price of €80 and at a members price of €65.

For more information, click HERE.