Incredibol Winners: Architecture, Fashion, Design, Graphic Art


PIVOT Dublin were delighted to have Elena Formia research fellow at the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna, and Giorgia Olivieri, journalist and expert in cultural and creative industries as Guest Curators of our blog in January 2015.

Architecture, fashion, design and graphic art are some of the areas of Bolognese creativity which have been profiled through the Incredibol project.

Ciclostile Architettura

Talking about traditional architecture there are Ciclostile Architettura, a studio composed by Giacomo Beccari, Gaia Calamosca and Alessandro Miti who deal with urbanism, research and development, paying attention in particular to participatory planning, public space and building rehabilitation. Ciclostile Architettura’s approach is to focus on sustainability. For this reason the studio launched “Smallness”, a project that aims to optimise social and economic costs of design through the creative and innovative use of all the resources involved in the process: materials, technologies, budget, time.

Apparati Effimeri

Apparati Effimeri instead is a visual design studio founded in 2010 by Marco Grassivaro e Federico Bigi which creates three-dimensional highly persuasive visual content, suitable for all types of non conventional communication. They are specialized in mapping 3D – drawing in three dimensions applied to architecture – that can be applied to buildings facade and also to tree foliage. They also deal with interaction design, object and stereoscopic projection using new technologies. Apparati Effimeri have won a lot of international prizes, the latest one in Moscow where their project “Chiaroscuro” conquered the podium of the “Cycle of light”, one of the most prestigious festivals dedicated to new technologies applied to light.

Anonima Impressori

Anonima Impressori is a lab of classic and contemporary graphic art. It’s a mix of traditional tecniques of printing such as using movable type (they also recover old printer machines and materials) and modern digital techniques. Anonima Impressori works in the field of communication offering a product that puts together a strong artisanal flavour and the market request.


In fashion, we can talk about Saisei and Les Libellules. In the first case, Giorgia Palmirani gives a new life to old texile materials like military uniforms or blanket or wastes of tapestries creating handmade and unique bags. Saisei in japanese means “rebirth” but the product is entirely made in Italy.

Les Libellules

Les Libellules is an atelier in the city centre of Bologna. Here Alice Cappelli, Isabelle Guignand and Paola Parenti create tailored kids clothes realized with fine high quality, researched and vintage fabrics. Alice and Isabelle design outifits often with a revisited retro style and Paola manages the communication of Les Libellules. The three girls work in the atelier or in the neighbouring studio where they make clothes for adult women and also organize events and exhibitions.



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