Designers wanted for Power of Design 2017 schools programme


We are delighted to announce that Junior Achievement Ireland will be running their Power of Design workshops again for the 2016/2017 school year. Following the success of last year, Junior Achievement Ireland have almost doubled the amount of classes that they hope to achieve this year, which is absolutely fantastic but means more volunteers are required.

About Make Shape Change

For those readers who haven’t heard of the Power of Design workshops – it was born from the Make Shape Change film. In 2012 PIVOT started a collaboration with director Johnny Kelly, designer Scott Burnett and creative audio studio Antfood to produce a simple animated film with the aim of explaining design. The challenge was to show what design is, and why it’s important in a way that could be understood universally, so without language.

The Workshop

Working with Junior Achievement Ireland, we then went on to produce the workshop programme called The Power of Design. The workshop uses the film, website and your experience as a designer and invites young people in 6th class and 1st year to:

  • Consider how the world around us is made
  • Understand where design fits in
  • Learn about careers in design
  • Explore what they would do if they had the power to make their world work better

Designers Needed

We need designers to facilitate a workshop, using the material provided

  • No teaching experience is required
  • Training provided to all volunteers
  • Structured, interactive 2 hour workshop with volunteer guide provided
  • Comprehensive kit supplied, packed with hands-on activities

The response from students has been incredibly positive and 2017 is an opportunity to get even more young people thinking about how the world is made around them and where design fits in. This is an opportunity to talk to young people about what you do and to show them your work and why it’s important.

Get in Touch

If you’re interested please fill out an expression of interest form on the link below, in which you can outline a preferred term, school level, school location etc and email it to design@dublincity or If you have anyone else in mind who would like to take part also please feel free to forward the attached form to them and the contact details above.

Thank you!

JAI Expression of Interest POD


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