Making Great Working Places in Dublin Symposium


Making Great Working Places was a PIVOT Dublin event organised as part of Innovation Dublin 2012 which pulled together the thinking of the different strands involved in creating successful work locations in the city.

There are many questions to be asked about the workplaces we make in the city. How can Dublin create competitive working places that attract and sustain innovative enterprises? How can commercial developments give more to the city in terms of social and environmental sustainability? How do cities accommodate the range of businesses which make up a healthy business ecology, from large floor-plate investors to smaller scale start-ups?

City Architects

As architects in the city’s local government, City Architects have working experiences and ongoing interaction with the different players in new developments: the planners who focus on interaction of the work activities with their adjacent uses and strategic and infrastructure opportunities, the property agents who focus on finding and optimising the value in sites, the architects who create the structures, the space planners and interior designers who make the internal space and the Council’s Area Offices and departments which deal with the manage the surrounding public spaces.


The event brought together speakers who looked at these and other questions from the point of view of end-users, the market, design, planning and urban landscape and environment.

James Nugent, MD Lisney asked how the cities office spaces measure up for international companies deciding whether to locate in Dublin.

Conor McCabe, Director , Henry J. Lyons Architects focused on the demands  of a changing international market.

Paul Hayes, CEO , Games Ireland talked about how, for the tech sector, the boundaries between work and other parts of life are blurred and a workplace is not just the space inside an office buildings, but it is also the streets around it where people meet, think and enjoy themselves.

Patrick McCabe, Director, REDScape Landscape Architects talked about new projects in the Netherlands, where seemingly unexpected uses are being brought together in urban regenerations to create new working districts.

Pauline Byrne, Director of Planning, Brady Shipman Martin Planners and Landscape Architects looked at how the public sector can create the flexibility, certainty and vibrancy in districts to attract the investments which make some working places great.


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