PIVOT Dublin 2014

30 Mar 2011

Dublin’s bid for World Design Capital 2014 was submitted to the organising body ICSID last week. The creative team, consisting of Red&Grey Design, Emma Curley Architects and Areaman Films with Dr Linda King and Henri McKervey, have assembled a fantastic bid document describing not only our proposals for 2014 but also the many design assets of the city and much more.

The completion of the bid submission was only possible because of the input of a great number of contributors who generously gave of their time helping to build up the picture of design in Ireland which the book paints. The expertise of our Advisory Panel in developing the bid content was also crucial in developing the content of the bid. The degree of support from across all sectors – from design, business, the public sector and government – demonstrates the importance attached to the bid and recognition of the benefits which the designation would bring. In his letter supporting the bid, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said: “This designation if awarded would provide a valuable opportunity for us to showcase Ireland’s vibrant design and creative industries while the invigoration provided by the proposed programme of events and projects would being a renewed excitement and vibrancy to the city building on our experience as City of Science 2012. I am pleased to support this initiative as a significant contribution to my Government’s ambitions for Ireland as a creative and innovative economy.” The PIVOT Dublin website has been redesigned to include some of the bid content and an expanded blog as well as thought-provoking conversations and dialogue films. We hope that the bid will impress both you and the competition jury but most importantly be a pivot point connecting much needed design ideas to action. Much as we would like to make the entire bid document available now on pivotdublin.com, we can’t do that until the competition has been decided, but we will be presenting the document at a number of sessions over the coming weeks. The first of these will be held in Wood Quay Venue on 14th April from 11:00am to 1:00pm. As well as presenting the submission we will be talking about the next steps in a series of projects which form part of the bid proposal. If you would like to attend this event and get involved in this work please email us at join-in@pivotdublin.com.