Sharing Space and Culture: Ababo, Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita, Opificio Golinelli


PIVOT Dublin were delighted to have Elena Formia research fellow at the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna, and Giorgia Olivieri, journalist and expert in cultural and creative industries as Guest Curators of our blog in January 2015.

Co-working Spaces

Sharing is one way to fight the crisis, especially for young entrepreneurs and freelancers. For this reason several co-working spaces have sprung up in Bologna. Like Coworking Ababo, the sharing lab hosted by the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Bologna, which recently lauched an open call in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna to offer to three designers under 35 years old (single or in group) workspace, equipment, promotion, education, professional advice, internet and support to startup.

Most of the co-working spaces are private initiatives, but the Municipality of Bologna has now launched a call to register co-working spaces in the Emilia-Romagna region. The idea is to match winners of Incredibol in need of offices or places to establish their activity with desks in the co-working spaces listed in the register.

Le Serre dei Giardini

The control room is Le Serre dei Giardini, a metropolitan hub for innovation and awareness of entrepreneurship culture. Le Serre is a project coordinated by Municipality of Bologna with grants and contribution of Emilia-Romagna Region, Fondazione Golinelli, Aster and Kilowatt, a network of small enterprises, social entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations, one of the winner project of the same Incredibol. Le Serre dei Giardini is an evocative place set in the middle of Margherita Gardens, the city park: the building was a former lion cage in the very small bolognese zoo. After more than thirty years this place, very dear to bolognese people, has become not only a headquarters for innovation, but during the summer also a bistro in the park, a space attractive for children with a lot of activity organised especially for them, and a rich calendar of projections, concerts and events.

Fondazione Golinelli

One of the strategic partners of Le Serre is Fondazione Golinelli, a foundation set up in 1988 through the will of the entrepreneur and philantropist Marino Golinelli with the aim of promoting scientific education and culture and fostering the intellectual and ethical growth of children and kids, the citizens of tomorrow. In June of this year the Fondazione Golinelli will inaugurate Opificio Golinelli, a city centre for knowledge and culture. With an investment of 10 millions euros and 9,000 square metres of space, the centre will rise in an ex industrial area recovered and restored with an important architectural project designed by diverserighestudio. Here will find home all the cultural and educational activities of the Foundation will find a home.



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