Speedtrap, Confessions of a Speed Junkie

4 Sep 2013

I am always in a hurry, feel I have to do everything at breakneck speed, feel I must move on the next task before I am even finished the current one. (Does this sound familiar?). A digital artist working in film, photography and audio design, I’ve recently challenged myself to create and perform in a show for Dublin Fringe Festival. Speedtrap, Confessions of a Speed Junkie is essentially about my early sprinting career, and how I can’t keep on the run, feeling like a fugitive forever.

I designed most of the video, soundscape, and props used in the show and they are intended to underscore its themes of speed, distance, time, calculations and measurement, but more importantly to explore the things I run away from – the pile of debris that is my personal history, and things I run towards, like love, order, creative process. Design is important to me, and the choices made for the show reflect my belief in simplicity and a sense of irreverent fun and playfullness. One of the pieces is a bespoke (and soon to be patented!) ‘discrepency meter’ – it measures where you are in your life relative to where you want to be. I am constantly photographing the city. One of my interests is experimenting with long exposure photography – layering many seconds of time in one image, capturing our blurred city lives. So, for the poster and promotional material I took hundreds of photos over many evenings over several months. I got photo bombed, I got wrestled to the ground and finally I got lucky with just the right amount of traffic blur to my static pose in the foreground. I have never written a piece of theatre before and I have never made a solo performance before. Speedtrap, Confessions of a Speed Junkie is my solo performance debut. I look forward to it in the same way one might a bungee jump. Yvonne O’Reilly SPEEDTRAP, Confessions of a Speed Junkie, Dublin Fringe Festival 17th – 21st Sept Smock Alley Black Box http://www.fringefest.com/programme/speedtrap-confessions-of-a-speed-junkie