Wish Upon A Blog

31 May 2012

And so as we come to the end of our stint tending to the fruitful purpose of Pivot Dublin, we’re looking forward with a wish list of changes and status updates for the city. Some of these may be happening already but as always, information deficit is a major problem. If our friends in Dublin City Council or anywhere else have light to shed on any of the below, we’d love to be made aware of it.

We want to start a conversation. Part two of our wishlist lands tomorrow. MARKET DEVELOPMENTS: We know there are plans out there but we’re not sure where they are at right. The development of the Smithfield and Iveagh Markets are two imperatives. They are two of the most beautiful structures in the city. What are the viable repurposing models for them? A mixture of open plan office space and selective retail? A hub for start-up businesses and initiatives which the public can access and liaise with? Pop-up concepts? The discussion needs to be reinvigorated. Wish Two CENTRAL LIBRARY: As a UNESCO city of literature, the city is still crying out for a central public library befitting it. Everyone knows the ILAC Centre is wholly inadequate. The site of the Ambassador cinema was mentioned but subsequently abandoned. Our preference remains the current site of the Irish Houses of Parliament (Bank of Ireland, College Green). If we’re going to do it, lets choose a site befitting our historical past and love of literature. Let’s start the conversation as where it should be and inspirational models for libraries elsewhere. SIGNAGE PRESERVATION: All over the city, wonderful old signage is falling into disrepair. The preservation and listing of these along with stricter or newly revised guidelines about signage in certain areas is essential. The visual blight of high-street UK will do us no favours in the long-run for the marketing of Dublin as a unique destination with character rather than an extension of outer Birmingham. Wish Three ABANDONED / EMPTY BUILDING REGISTRAR: A frequently updated accessible site on empty and/or abandoned buildings in the city centre. Started on a trial basis for one or two streets (Dame Street, George’s Street) so the public can know who is responsible for these dilapidated eyesores, what steps have been made to ensure they are preserved and who the key point of contact is for available space on the street. le cool Dublin: dublin@lecool.com