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PIVOT Dublin

Explaining, demonstrating and celebrating Dublin design impact

Grand Canal Square photo by James Russell

PIVOT Dublin

PIVOT Dublin is a Dublin City Council initiative, devised and co-ordinated by Dublin City Architects, because cities that value and apply design in how they think plan and act are more humane, attractive and competitive.

PIVOT Dublin connects design to community by:

• Promoting design as a resource that can help us adapt, innovate and grow.
• Inspiring a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration.
• Valuing and cultivating our national and international network.
• Offering opportunities to explain, demonstrate and celebrate design’s positive impact.
• Translating ideas to action through projects.

Born out of Dublin’s bid to be designated World Design Capital®in 2014, PIVOT Dublin has established itself as a focus for Irish design initiatives and created a resurgence of international interest in Irish design.

Design is about more than aesthetics, design can help us to adapt, innovate and grow. Design is a way of working; it’s an approach, a way of solving puzzles, problems and challenges. Design starts from the user’s perspective and products, services and systems that meet our needs are more beautiful, useful and long lasting.

Design is also about the exchange and development of ideas. It requires communication, networking and negotiation. These are Irish strengths. These are manifested in a global network of connections and relationships that give Ireland strength and influence beyond its size. These are our resources.

PIVOT Dublin captures design in all its diversity -from product, craft, fashion and graphic design, to architecture and urban design, as well as the new digital design cultures that reflect Ireland’s success in animation, film and the gaming industry.
Through PIVOT, Irish design speaks to the world with a unique voice and character – that of story telling, empathy, creativity, conversation, ambition, humour and optimism.


Brand design language development concept for Logitech, Design Partners
Friend Illustration, Gaetan Billault