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Posted by Pivot Admin, 23.10.2014



Open Call to participate in HIDDEN ROOMS on Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th November 2014 Dublin

Posted by Pivot Admin, 13.10.2014

Dublin City Council invites Dublin residents new and old to come together and find thoughtful, creative ways of developing a more sustainable, fairer, and connected city. Credible solutions will be actioned by DCC and partners in 2015.

International Speakers #3 HIDDEN ROOMS 25 & 26 November 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 09.10.2014

Today we’d like to introduce you to our final six international speakers. From Earth Award winners for sustainability to international associates on disability we are confident this group of people will ignite our HIDDEN ROOMS conference with the passion and innovation they apply in their walks of life.

International Speakers #2 HIDDEN ROOMS 25 & 26 November 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 08.10.2014

Today we’d like to introduce you to more of our international speakers. Continuing on from yesterday’s post we’re unveiling more leading practioners from all aspects of the world of Design.

International Speakers HIDDEN ROOMS 25 & 26 November 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 07.10.2014

Over the next two weeks we’ll be sending invitations and putting out an open call asking people to contribute to HIDDEN ROOMS so please watch this space! This week we are delighted to announce our international speakers.

Making a home for everyone. HIDDEN ROOMS 25 & 26 November 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 06.10.2014

Inspired by the Science Gallery's 2015 programme launch, we look at the issue of HOME.

Countdown to HIDDEN ROOMS 25 & 26 November 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 16.09.2014

This is a different conference. 10 weeks to go and the countdown is on. Each week we'll reveal more but for now....

Jeffry’s House

Posted by Pivot Admin, 05.08.2014

Ireland’s first architecture installation in a forest park launched at Ards Forest Park, Creeslough, Co. Donegal.

Design Team selected for Parnell Square Cultural Quarter Redevelopment

Posted by Pivot Admin, 22.07.2014

PIVOT Dublin honoured to be represented on Taipei WDC 2016 International Advisory Committee!

Posted by Pivot Admin, 10.07.2014

IADT Graduate Show 6 – 10 June 2014

BA (Hons) Photography

Posted by Pivot Admin, 04.06.2014

Edel Nic Caba and Sharon Dempsey tell us about the graduate show for IADT’s course in Photography.

IADT Graduate Show 6 – 10 June 2014

BA (Hons) Visual Communication Design

Posted by Pivot Admin, 04.06.2014

As graduate show season comes around once again, students of the BA (Hons) in Visual Communication Design at IADT, showcase a wide variety of subject matter that explore a breadth of communication strategies, writes Linda King.

IADT Graduate Show 6 – 10 June 2014

BA (Hons) Design for Stage and Screen

Posted by Pivot Admin, 29.05.2014

Elaine Sisson tells us about the graduate show for IADT’s course in production design, costume design, makeup and prosthetics design.

Irish Degree Shows 2014

Guest blog by Aideen McCole

Posted by Pivot Admin, 21.05.2014

Abandoned Berlin

An Archive of Berlin’s Most Secretive, Historical and Architectural Sites

Posted by Pivot Admin, 07.05.2014

Ciarán Fahey is an Irish man behind Abandoned Berlin, a blog documenting the historic beauty of neglected spaces within the city. He visits theses places and puts together a guide, accompanied by ghostly resonant images, to help people experience these ruins for themselves and share their stories. Here Ciarán discusses why he does it and whether Dublin could be explored within the same realms.

Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents Exhibition

Posted by Pivot Admin, 17.04.2014

Picking up some key thoughts from OFFSET 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 28.03.2014

A big thanks to the organisers of OFFSET Festival 2014 for another exciting weekend, with dynamic and diverse speakers from a variety of creative fields. While humour, content, scenarios, failures and revelations all featured in many of the presentations, many speakers left the audience with a core topic for thought or consideration. Here we’ve picked out some of the key thoughts put out there over the weekend.



Posted by Pivot Admin, 13.03.2014

PIVOT Dublin’s 2013 programme culminated in the DESIGNING GROWTH event on the 6th November 2013. For those who missed it, you can view the video HERE!

WIN 2 FRIENDS OF OFFSET 2014 Tickets with PIVOT Dublin!

Posted by Pivot Admin, 04.03.2014

OFFSET 2014 is fast approaching and PIVOT Dublin would like to give you the opportunity to Win Two Tickets to Dublin’s Creative Festival.

Cape Town World Design Capital 2014

Review of our fortnight of guest bloggers from the World Design Capital

Posted by Pivot Admin, 25.02.2014

Over the past two weeks we have had the pleasure of having guest bloggers from Cape Town World Design Capital 2014. We invited them to write about their city and the impact World Design Capital has had on promoting appreciation for the transformative role of design.


Guest blog by Heather Parker on Capetowns Celebrations as World Design Capital 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 24.02.2014

A big award like World Design Capital requires a serious investment of time, energy, creativity and money. What’s the legacy of the investment?


Guest blog by Nicky Swartz, project director for Capetown World Design Capital 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 20.02.2014

A couple of days ago, we featured some projects from the public programme of Cape Town World Design Capital 2014. Here are some more.


Guest blog by Daniel Sullivan from the City of Cape Town’s WDC internal projects

Posted by Pivot Admin, 19.02.2014

Cities are extraordinary organisations. They manage a level of complexity that would stymie most corporates; and they are subject to a kind of scrutiny, and a kind of legislative control, that would make the private sector rebel.


Guest blog by Nicky Swartz, project director for Capetown World Design Capital 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 18.02.2014

If World Design Capital is not an event but an opportunity… who’s grabbing the opportunity?


Guest blog by Lindsay Bush, project manager for the ward projects within the City of Cape Town.

Posted by Pivot Admin, 17.02.2014

When Cape Town won the World Design Capital mantle for 2014, the Executive Mayor made a promise that posed a very real challenge to the internal WDC team.

World Design Capital and the Creative Economy

Guest blog by Robin Jutzen, from the City of Cape Town’s Arts & Culture Department.

Posted by Pivot Admin, 14.02.2014

According to some, the World Design Capital opportunity won’t help Cape Town’s creative economy much at all. Others argue that the award – along with its attendant spinoffs – is the silver bullet we’ve been waiting for. The truth, as usual, likes the middle road


Guest blog by Nicky Swartz, project director for Capetown World Design Capital 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 13.02.2014

There are more than 460 projects, activities, exhibitions and events on Cape Town’s World Design Capital calendar.

The Public Launch of Cape Town World Design Capital 2014

Guest blog by Heather Parker on Capetowns Celebrations as World Design Capital 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 12.02.2014

Cape Town threw a mega party when 2013 turned into 2014, and the city entered its World Design Capital year.

Design-led thinking in the City

Guest blog by Heather Parker of Capetown World Design Capital 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 11.02.2014

How Cape Town’s city administration is using World Design Capital 2014 to change the way it works.

How Cape Town won the title of World Design Capital 2014

Guest blog by Heather Parker of Capetown World Design Capital 2014

Posted by Pivot Admin, 10.02.2014

Dublin and Bilbao were hot contenders for the 2014 title. Arguably, both those cities have more established design cultures than the winner, Cape Town, South Africa. So what happened?

Looking at Granby Park’s Creation

New Video documentary of Granby Park and the communities involvements in its creation.

Posted by Pivot Admin, 22.01.2014

Granby Park, an urban ‘pop-up’ was created in the heart of Dublin’s inner city centre using an available vacant site. Created by using up-cycled, donated and found materials while collaborating artists, architects, performers, planners and communities, the project became a community based effort to create a dynamic and multifunctional recreational space for all to enjoy.

Helping children learn their architectural rights

The IAF's Education Curator Rachel McAree talks to Louise Kiernan about their Architects in Schools programme

Posted by Pivot Admin, 21.01.2014

Rachel McAree is education curator of the Irish Architecture Foundation. Here she discusses how the IAF’s education program has grown, student’s reactions and future plans to develop and improve their education programs and initiatives.

Shenzhen Design Award winners announced

IADT graduate wins New Star Award with design that explores the limits of taste

Posted by Pivot Admin, 09.12.2013

Big congratulations to Lara Hanlon, a recent graduate of the Visual Communications programme at Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire (IADT) who has won a New Star Award for her final year design project éntomo, at the Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents competition.

Expanded Territories

Travelling exhibition showcasing creativity crossing the border

Posted by Pivot Admin, 05.12.2013

The Expanded Territories exhibition, which opens tomorrow in Dublin City Council’s Civic Offices, “explores what happens when you bring people together from divergent industries, fields and disciplines while encouraging them to create solutions together, step out of their comfort zones and collaborate, support and inform each other,” says Anna Marie O’Rourke, who is project managing the EU-funded Harnessing Creativity project.

Design Club

Fiona Byrne

Posted by Pivot Admin, 13.11.2013

Design Club is a new venture which provides workshops for children aged 8-12 to learn about and experience design and technology through practical projects. Our mantra is Think, Design, Make.

Would you like to work with PIVOT Dublin?

National Internship Scheme

Posted by Pivot Admin, 11.11.2013

Pivot Dublin is a design initiative run by Dublin City Council to promote design as a resource, and this temporary position is offered as part of the Job Bridge national internship scheme, researching and communicating about the design and architecture of the city.

Driving growth through design in Ireland

International strategic design and policy heavyweights advocating a national vision for developing design as an asset

Posted by Pivot Admin, 07.11.2013

Leading global thinkers and policy makers met in Dublin last evening to consider a national vision for developing design as an asset. Dublin City Council through PIVOT Dublin hosted a discussion on how design could be harnessed to drive growth in Ireland. Ireland is one of the few EU countries that does not have a national design strategy.

Competition: can you design street furniture for the new Grafton Street?

Grafton Street Quarter competition for street furniture design

Posted by Pivot Admin, 07.11.2013

As many people are aware, the public realm of Grafton Street has been undergoing a comprehensive refurbishment by Dublin City Council. As part of this project, the Council is seeking submissions of ideas from artists and designers for three unique pieces of street furniture which will showcase the revamped street.

The View from Open House New York

Rachael Jennings

Posted by Pivot Admin, 31.10.2013

My disappointment at the thought of missing Open House Dublin this year diminished when I realised my current city of residence, New York, was holding its own series of events not long after.

Do you want to win €5000 with you thesis?

Read this call for entries from Future Ideas

Posted by Pivot Admin, 29.10.2013

Hey there! Have you finished a bachelor's or master's degree recently? Do you have an extreme passion for innovation and have you expressed this through your thesis? Do you want to meet like-minded innovators and exchange your awesome ideas with them? If the answer is ‘Yes!’, then you are welcome to join the Future Ideas community!

Design Can Add Value Across Irish Society, Culture and the Economy – NCAD

National College of Art and Design announces details of major international conference 7th - 9th November

Posted by Pivot Admin, 18.10.2013

Companies that prioritise good design outperform their competitors, no matter what sector they operate in. That’s according to Professor Alex Milton, Head of Design at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD), which today (14.10.13) announced details of a major international conference that will be hosted by the NCAD in November.

Designing Growth

A discussion on using design to develop new and better public services and business models

Posted by Pivot Admin, 09.10.2013

On Wednesday 6th November Dublin City Council will be hosting a discussion on ways to develop new and better public services, communication platforms, education and business models through design; within the context of emerging EU policy and a national economic strategy.

Creative Mornings Dublin

by Brian Colhoun

Posted by Pivot Admin, 08.10.2013

Ben Chestnut, CEO of a company called MailChimp started Creative Mornings in Dublin. Well, no, not really, but kind of. After a chat with a friend he pointed me at this video. “YES!” I said, “Yes!”. Where are those Creative Mornings talks in Dublin? What? No? And thus the creation of the Dublin chapter began. CreativeMornings.com

Q&A on Submission Requirements for Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents

A number of queries have come in about the submission requirements and answers are shared here

Posted by Pivot Admin, 07.10.2013

Q. Should images submitted be printed or digital only?

A. Please submit printed images for the assessment. Please note the requirement that a digital copy of all submission images and text must be submitted on an accompanying CD.

Q. What size printed boards/sheets should be submitted?

A. Maximum A1.

Shenzhen Design Award for Young Talents - deadline 10th October

Recovery: The Power of Design

Posted by Pivot Admin, 02.10.2013

For application form please email jane.alger@dublincity.ie or design@dublincity.ie.

Day 5 of Open House Dublin 2013

by Duncan Stewart

Posted by Pivot Admin, 30.09.2013

Image Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market photo by Luis Pedro

I wish to share my impressions and considerations, when choosing two of the 100 buildings that I selected below. I'd like to provoke and rekindle a fresh awareness of the value of both of these and why I feel they deserve some special and urgent attention. One is quite a large structure and has formed a central part of our city's historic everyday culture catering for basic needs for well over a century.

Day 4 of Open House 2013 Programme

Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn picks his most overlooked and most obvious best buildings in Dublin

Posted by Pivot Admin, 26.09.2013

14 Henrietta Street, Dublin 1

Henrietta Street is the world’s oldest intact Georgian Street and is a fantastic and often overlooked treasure of the city. For two years in the early nineties I attended the King’s Inn as a student training to become a Barrister and must have walked up & down Henrietta Street numerous times without paying heed to the wonderful buildings either side of me as I headed to lectures or headed to the King’s Inn pub to discuss what we had just learned in lectures!

Day 3 of Open House Dublin 2013

Daniel Gray on architecture swamped by memories and the best few square feet of New York in Dublin

Posted by Pivot Admin, 26.09.2013

The Overlooked

Buildings, we know, are more than bricks and girders. The intentionality of their architecture gets smothered by our own interactions with them, whether from within or without, and our subjective memory is weaved into their character.

Day 2 of Open House Dublin 2013

9 year old Éanna Vandamme gives us his two best picks from Open House Dublin

Posted by Pivot Admin, 24.09.2013

Image Éanna Vandamme at Open House Junior workshop, Dún Laoghaire 2009, age 5

Hello readers, I am nine and I have wanted to be an architect since I was five. I love Open House Junior because it gives young people like me a chance to see and learn more about inspiring architecture.

Open House Dublin 2013

The first blog of the week is by Kathleen James-Chakraborty

Posted by Pivot Admin, 23.09.2013

Image Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland_Michael Collins & Associates_1997_Luis Pedro(IAF)

Obvious building

It is not an obvious choice, but perhaps the Islamic Cultural Centre represents the best of Dublin. Designed by the local firm of Michael Collins and Associates, the Clonskeagh landmark opened in 1996.

Dublin PARK(ing) Day 2013

taking place on Friday 20th September from 12pm to 6pm

Posted by Pivot Admin, 18.09.2013

Groups such as the Dublin Cycling Campaign, GoCar, See Change, Science Gallery, DIT Architecture, Granby Park and many more will transform Dublin for one day by creating over 26 new public parks around the city. PARK(ing) Day is a simple, fun concept. For a single day, on-street metered car parking spaces around the city will be suspended and transformed into imaginative public spaces instead.

Who’s Taylor Mac?

By Conall Ó Riain

Posted by Pivot Admin, 12.09.2013

Over a pint recently, a topic that always arrives in late August conversation appeared again, as a friend asked for recommendations of what to see in this years Dublin Fringe Festival. Normally, it’s a difficult question to answer – considering the variables of taste and interests, and the Herculean task of narrowing the phenomenal platter of events that the festival presents. This year, however, before he had barely let the words leave his mouth, I knew the answer, only to be greeted with a blank face, quickly followed by another question: “Who’s Taylor Mac?”


by Mary Doyle

Posted by Pivot Admin, 12.09.2013

Sometimes I ask myself, ' if I read a fantastic play or piece of writing, is there (besides some essential props) a need for visuals or a set design at all to articulate the essence of the piece? '

You Remember the Stories You Wish Were True

by Megan Riordan

Posted by Pivot Admin, 10.09.2013

You Remember the Stories You Wish Were True is about a real event that happened to me: losing everything I owned from a storage unit in New York 10 years ago. The process of making the show started from a question of wondering what memories I had also lost when I lost all my belongings.

How to be a lad(y)

By Leonie McDonagh of ponydance

Posted by Pivot Admin, 09.09.2013

I had to make a pitch recently at the British Council trade fair at Edinburgh Fringe. Saying ‘had to’ sounds a bit like I was forced, which of course I wasn’t. I was invited to pitch, which I rapidly accepted, but I like to use the terms ‘had to’ when talking to people, because then they think that I have a proper job and I’m not just floating around the place willy-nilly as an artist. But I digress.

Boys and Girls

by Dylan Coburn Gray

Posted by Pivot Admin, 05.09.2013

I wrote Boys and Girls to be straightforward but exciting; 4 people look you in the eye and tell you about their night. No set, no changes of scene, not much costume, no multimedia. Just lots and lots of words; silly punning and rhymes and stream-of-consciousness-swearing. (SUCH swearing). The visual is pared-down, but the language is as colourful as possible. The world of the play is not shown, it's described. Why?

Speedtrap, Confessions of a Speed Junkie

Yvonne O'Reilly on her show SPEEDTRAP

Posted by Pivot Admin, 04.09.2013

I am always in a hurry, feel I have to do everything at breakneck speed, feel I must move on the next task before I am even finished the current one. (Does this sound familiar?). A digital artist working in film, photography and audio design, I’ve recently challenged myself to create and perform in a show for Dublin Fringe Festival. Speedtrap, Confessions of a Speed Junkie is essentially about my early sprinting career, and how I can’t keep on the run, feeling like a fugitive forever.

‘Vernacular’ at Tent London

by the Crafts Council of Ireland

Posted by Pivot Admin, 04.09.2013

‘Vernacular’ is an exhibition of contemporary design and craft from Ireland that will be held at Tent London as part of London Design Festival 2013.

Rites of Passage

by Clare Mulvany

Posted by Pivot Admin, 03.09.2013

Intersections, crossroads, edges and margins hold remarkable creative tension which, when tapped into, can spark art, ideas and change. At the Trailblazery we are experimenting with ways to negotiate the social and cultural thresholds we find ourselves approaching, designing experiences which bring people into dialogue with their own edges both at a personal and collective level. The latest installment in this investigation is Rites of Passage, a collaboration with The Dublin Fringe Festival, which pivots around a series of design questions and challenges: What would it look like to take a country on its own Rite of Passage? What can happen when the past, present and future come into dialogue with each other? And can we accelerate more inspired and creative moves forward, individually and collectively?

Dublin Fringe Festival our guest curators

Feidlim Cannon filmmaker and working on a show THE FAR SIDE in this years Fringe.

Posted by Pivot Admin, 02.09.2013

Upstate Theatre Project invited me to be part of their Shared Heritage Programme, an oral history project where I would have access to an archive of photographs, video and audio recordings from Drogheda’s past lives. But rather than working with ghosts, I wanted to work with a group of people in the town now, to create a piece about their living history.

The Mad Hatter’s Party

Posted by Pivot Admin, 28.08.2013

Images courtesy designer David O'Malley

Hat design by four of Ireland’s talented milliners will be on show at The Mad Hatters Party, hosted at the Church as part of Dublin Fashion Festival. The evening promises entertainment by the resident DJ and even the chance to win one of the pieces on show in a raffle.

Describing Architecture Exhibition 2013

Call for Submissions

Posted by Pivot Admin, 26.08.2013

Describing Architecture is an annual exhibition exploring architectural representation and its role in designing and creating built space. Representation is integral to the architectural design process, yet rarely discussed or exhibited outside of the architectural profession. The exhibition seeks to give visitors an insight into the practice of architecture, and the practice of artists that consider the built environment.

Call for Papers: The legacy of the Kilkenny Design Workshops

Convened by the Crafts Council of Ireland and National Craft Gallery

Posted by Pivot Admin, 22.08.2013

The Crafts Council of Ireland and the National Craft Gallery. Are inviting papers for a one day conference on the legacy of the Kilkenny Design Workshops (KDW) and its influence on Irish craft practice and design culture.

Upstart’s Granby Park Opening

Upstart will have their Granby Park opening Thursday 22nd August.

Posted by Pivot Admin, 21.08.2013

Upstart Collaborative Ltd is a non-profit voluntary arts collective and have transformed the vacant Dublin site on Dominick Street lower into a pop up park; Granby Park was created from up-cycled, recycled, donated and found material and will become a place of creativity, nature, imagination, play and beauty for everyone.

Digital Fabrication and 3D printing

by Ger Wilson

Posted by Pivot Admin, 21.08.2013

Image courtesy of Mcor Technologies

“We've had an industrial revolution. We've had a digital revolution. Now let's have a digital industrial revolution.” opensourceecology.org

The ease at which the digital industrial revolution is happening, in the form of digital fabrication allows individuals not only to produce designs using 3D modelling software, but also turn these designs into solid tangible objects. As the advances in 3D printer technology are accelerating, material choices improving and costs are dropping, I asked three Irish people working in the field where they see 3D printing going in the future.

Get Your Vote in for the Design Creatives Making Pitches for Arthur Guinness Projects

By Áine Gallagher

Posted by Pivot Admin, 20.08.2013

The Arthur Guinness project is an initiative created to commend and support the Irish creative community in their endeavours to become entrepreneurs. New and original ideas are cropping up around the country continuously and yet often due to lack of financial security they do not succeed. The Arthur Guinness projects hopes to turn some of these inspired ideas into a reality. These projects exist within four categories – Arts, Music, Sport and Food. Four projects from each category will be shortlisted by the public. We have compiled a list of the design led projects so you, the public, have the opportunity to help the design community of Ireland.

UpStart final call for materials for Granby Park!

Posted by Pivot Admin, 19.08.2013

Upstart Collaborative Ltd is a non-profit voluntary arts collective and for four weeks 22nd August to 22nd September this autumn, Upstart will transform a vacant Dublin site on Dominick street lower into Granby Park.

Call for designs for Faballthings.com

Design call for 3D printed jewellery

Posted by Pivot Admin, 19.08.2013

Bird earrings by Faballthings.com

Started by sisters Emer and Kate O’Daly with software developer Miguel Alonso, faballthings.com describe themselves "as a social platform that puts the power of making in the hands of designers and consumers".

Dublin PARK(ing) Day 2013: Be a part of it!

Dublin PARK(ing) Day is back on Friday the 20th of September

Posted by Pivot Admin, 08.08.2013

Dublin PARK(ing) Day is back on Friday the 20th of September and is calling for all enthusiasts (individuals and organisations) to create pop up parks, installations, art pieces, giant games or performance around Dublin City.

Moving Education

by Brian Gough at Task Furniture in Education

Posted by Pivot Admin, 08.08.2013

A key observation Ken Robinson makes in his RSA talk 'Changing Education Paradigms' is that education needs to move away from standardisation and more towards a culture of divergent thinking. This argument fits well with the ambitions of Moving Education, a competition that is inviting student's across all disciplines to research new ways of thinking about 21st Century learning environments.

Granby Park; Dominick/Parnell Street

by Karla Healion at Upstart

Posted by Pivot Admin, 29.07.2013

A temporary park is being built on a vacant wasteland in Dublin city. Something to emulate, emote and enjoy.

When design matters

by Alison Hackett

Posted by Pivot Admin, 23.07.2013

In the academic world of publishing design tends to rank well below content - not surprising when accuracy and clarity of argument are the main requirements to expand the knowledge base. In 1687 Isaac Newton described universal gravitation and the three laws of motion using complex mathematics and theoretical arguments. How his book looked (graphically and typographically) was not important - although some deciphering was needed: over 40 years later a book was published under the title Sir Isaac Newton's Philosophy Explain'd for the Use of the Ladies! But when we come to the matter of education and outreach perhaps design could play a much more prominent role than it is traditionally given. Visual communication (story telling in essence) is a powerful way to help people process and consider information. Knowledge is power, but the joy of learning is rare.

Three Irish architects short-listed for the prestigious UK RIBA Stirling Prize 2013

Posted by Pivot Admin, 19.07.2013

Giant's Causeway Visitor Centre Image Marie Louis Halpenny

The Royal Institute of British Architects have announced their short list for the Stirling Prize 2013 for best building of the year and have brought the '52 winners of its National and EU Awards down to six contenders'. The great news for Irish design is that three of the six designs are by Irish architects.

Iconic 21st Century Irish Craft - Ann Mulrooney

Ann Mulrooney, closes with her choice of 21st century Irish Craft from the National Craft Gallery’s (NCG’s) files.

Posted by Pivot Admin, 01.07.2013

IDEATE postcard of Designgoat’s Eating Objects

Earlier this year, I was tasked with choosing images of iconic 21st Century Irish craft from the National Craft Gallery’s (NCG’s) files, as part of our celebration of the establishment of the Kilkenny Design Workshops. It was a difficult task, as so often when asked to unambiguously nail one’s colours to the mast – but also hugely valuable in clarifying thinking, and it ended up informing aspects of IDEATE.

Innocrafts – Louise Allen

Louise Allen gives insights into Innocrafts and some some inspired craft and design projects across Europe.

Posted by Pivot Admin, 01.07.2013

If you happen to be in Italy Colle di Val d’Elsa is worth a visit. The fact that 95% of Italian Crystal and 14% of world crystal is produced in this small Tuscan town was a well kept secret. That was until on the advice of Atelier Jean Nouvel who has a new vision for Urban Development a number of unique projects have taken hold.

Design Process vs. Identity – Jordan Ralph

Designer Jordan Ralph’s blog questions the future of modern human/digital interaction.

Posted by Pivot Admin, 01.07.2013

In a rapidly evolving digital era, non-digital design may play a vital role in distinguishing personal or corporate identity. Could one say that earthly material values highlight an off screen/offline existence? Or, do they provoke fresh and unique digital experiences? It could be said that such an experience simply seeks to compress an array of ‘real’ interactions into a single unit?

Designing a 3D future - Ciara Gannon

Ciara Gannon, delves deep into the world of 3D to the point where 3D print meets artificial intelligence.

Posted by Pivot Admin, 01.07.2013

3D live-action and animated films have had a somewhat mediocre reception; despite being in existence in some form since 1915, 3D as a form of filmmaking has only really taken off in recent years. 3D printing on the other hand is rapidly being accepted as a form of manufacturing. We are beginning to realise the potential of 3D printing; chocolate is already being printed in 3D with some delicious and interesting results.

Re-duce, Re-use, Re-cycle

This week the journey starts with Claire Quigley who inspires us to re-create with links to flat pack hacks, up-cycling, re-cycling and re-making!

Posted by Pivot Admin, 28.06.2013

Re-duce, Re-use, Re-cycle; this was the phrase that was thrown around a lot in school when it came to art class projects. Why throw away sweets wrappers when you can make a beautiful mosaic for your mother? This is a mindset that many people have grown out of, but other have taken the idea of re-using everyday objects in ways you might never have imagined. He is some of my favourite re-inspired projects.

‘The role of creativity in building dynamic and resilient communities’

by Davie Philip, Director Cultivate

Posted by Pivot Admin, 28.06.2013

No one can predict the future but what is certain is that it is going to be characterised more and more by change, uncertainty and surprise. To cope with this reality we will really need to develop our capacity to create and adapt.

WeCreate workspace - a space for Digital Craft

By Anthony Kelly, Technical Director at WeCreate

Posted by Pivot Admin, 28.06.2013

Can one be considered a craftsperson if you use digital tools to fabricate your pieces?

Making Things Better

by Design Goat

Posted by Pivot Admin, 26.06.2013

When we were asked to re-interpret an object from the 100 Objects Project, it made perfect sense for us to choose the only piece of furniture on the list. Eileen Grey's Non-Conformist Chair is one of her most famous pieces.

IDEATE Festival

by Louise Allen at the Crafts Council of Ireland

Posted by Pivot Admin, 25.06.2013

‘When the objects around us can talk to one another, the elements of our physical universe will converge and spring to life. In time this network will grow to fulfil our needs, understand our desires and enable our dreams - Welcome to the programmable world.’ Bill Wasik, Wired, June 2013

The Call is Out for Parnell Square Design Team

The Parnell Square Cultural Quarter

Posted by Pivot Admin, 14.06.2013

The Parnell Square Cultural Quarter (PSCQ) will be a landmark destination which will complete the Civic Spine of Dublin at its northern end. Following on from the public launch of this major project, Dublin City Council is now seeking an outstanding Design Team to deliver that landmark. The Civic Spine route includes the Grafton Street and Henry Street prime retail areas, important third level institutions and major cultural and tourism destinations. A public procurement process, to select an architect-led multi-disciplinary design team, to provide all the architectural, conservation design and contract management services required to deliver this vision, is underway.

Would you like to participate in Startup City?

A co-creation event to redesign City supports for enterprise

Posted by Pivot Admin, 14.06.2013


How can Dublin effectively encourage, support and create opportunities for the city’s start-ups and entrepreneurs? How can the city systems and resources be used to develop new business ideas? By sharing our experiences and skills can we quickly design initiatives that will make a real difference?

Seeking Local Designers to Make a Global Difference

Value Added in Africa Design Programme

Posted by Pivot Admin, 06.06.2013

Africa is changing. Economies are growing, middle classes forming, and solutions to poverty being creatively addressed. Entrepreneurship is flourishing, with many African co-operatives and SMEs moving away from reliance on raw materials to producing high-quality products for export. From Sole Rebels in Ethiopia to Sunflag in Tanzania, businesses across the continent are moving up the value chain of production, improving their livelihoods and communities in the process.

Can public servants be inventors?

by The Studio at Dublin City Council

Posted by Pivot Admin, 30.05.2013

When you think of an inventor, Dublin City Council might not spring to mind, but Roy O’ Donnell, emerged as a serial inventor after winning three prizes in the council’s annual staff ideas scheme. Roy has also just been honoured with a Lord Mayor’s awards for his special contribution to Dublin.

Turning data into information

The Studio @ DCC

Posted by Pivot Admin, 27.05.2013

Data is not useful until it becomes information. Turning raw numbers into a visual representation can help us understand meaning and connections much more quickly.

Connecting the dots

Building the networked city

Posted by Pivot Admin, 24.05.2013

Cities are complex systems with many different networks, which must be managed by people and automated systems. We are becoming more connected through technology using smart phones, GPS or social networks to improve our experience of the city. It is a two way process.

People power – a design for digital cities

by The Studio at Dublin City Council

Posted by Pivot Admin, 23.05.2013

The shape of cities and how they influence our behaviour is no longer just the concern of planners, architects, urban designers and politicians. Through the Dublinked open data network, the Studio have met designers, technologists, hacktivists, researchers and entrepreneurs who are all exploring how the urban environment is going to change in coming years. They are using Dublin as a test ground to develop new products and services using live city data.

Council crusaders - celebrating our urban knights

by The Studio at Dublin City Council

Posted by Pivot Admin, 22.05.2013

The Studio is always looking at ways to engage with external partners to explore how we see the city in new ways. In 2011 we were approached by the National Digital Resources Centre to provide open data from for Ireland’s first 18 hour Open Data Challenge in the Digital hub. This initiated new relationships between the City Council and developers, designers and entrepreneurs and led to an ongoing collaboration with the Science Gallery with current participation in their monthly Urban Knights platform for change.

Give up yer auld data

Open Data makes the smart city a reality

Posted by Pivot Admin, 22.05.2013

For the past two years the Studio have been working to identify suitable data and prepare it for release in ‘open’ or machine readable formats. The amount of information we generate through provision of city services has been quite an eye-opener. . Many are surprised that others would be interested in our data at all. We need to build awareness of the value of our data as a raw material by improving data literacy and knowledge management practices among staff.


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Owen O'Doherty
Frank Hughes
Architect, Meath, Ireland
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Graphic Designer, Dublin
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UX Design, Dublin, Ireland
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Stylist, Dublin, Ireland
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Fashion, Dublin, Ireland
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Architect, Dublin, Ireland
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