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Our City

Our City

Introducing Dublin

Dublin is a paradox. It’s high and low, pristine and well-worn, playful and intense. Dublin provokes and engages. It’s absurd and serious, shambolic and sharp. It’s divided yet connected by a myriad of walls and fences, barriers that are often the very place for interaction and negotiation. We meet there, rest there, talk there, argue and reconcile there.

Dublin is mountains and sea, swerve of shore and bend of bay. Dublin has history; it has deep roots, constantly refreshed. We are a social city; one that is vibrant, chaotic and quirky. We are a city built on relationships, open to conversation, full of ideas and always ready for debate. We are a creative city, small and nimble, willing to change and always looking for the extraordinary in the everyday. This sense of our own character, of being Dubliners, is what empowers us to reach into the future and create new ways of living.

Dublin is not about dour perfection or timeless monotony. Dublin is about people, relationships, creativity and culture. It’s about the value of difference. It’s about everything that’s possible when people, relationships, creativity and culture collide.


Matthew Thompson photo commissioned by Monocle