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culture, culture and more culture

Culture in Dublin is everywhere; it flows like blood through our lifestyle, heritage, arts and people. Whether it is the beauty of the Book of Kells, the voices of the Abbey Theatre, the Sunday stroll through Trinity College, the vibrant arts and music scene in Temple Bar or the craic of a shared pint between friends… all have some cultural significance for the people of the city.

Dublin is steeped in a rich history of literature, music and theatre. Dublin is about storytelling and conversation, putting forth new ideas and challenging them. This is also what design is about. Design is articulating a new way of achieving something, telling a story, then challenging that idea to ensure its advancement, to create conversation. Dublin is a design city, Dublin is irreverent and off the wall and so is design; design is a new way of doing things, an ongoing experimentation that
aims to make life better.


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‘lecool’ city guide cover January 14-20 2010 Fergal McCarthy