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On the world map, Ireland is a small island at the edge of Europe. However, our global reach is nothing short of remarkable. This is down to our diaspora and our diversity. Ireland is a land marked by the ebb and flow of people. We have experienced periods of mass emigration and times where prosperity has encouraged thousands to come here and build a life for themselves and their families.

Una Burke

Úna Burke, Costume design for Lady Gaga

This change in the city’s population coincided with, and contributed to, Dublin’s rapid economic growth. The world’s citizens have become significant force in the Irish jobs market, from the service industry sector to the forefront of the high technology design sector. Dublin is now emerging as the up and coming “new media” capital of Europe. A multi-lingual Dublin has aided in the decision making process of major multi-national corporations such as Google, Facebook and IBM to locate here. A truly multi-national, multi-lingual and open Dublin has been the single most positive legacy of the boom.

The Stone Twins

Usual Suspects, The Stone Twins

Ireland has a hugely impressive diaspora. There are an estimated 80 million people worldwide that are of Irish origin. At the same time, Dublin is now more diverse then it has ever been. The city is home to people from 188 of the world’s 195 independent states. About 15% of Dublin’s population in 2006 was made up of non-Irish nationals. New communities thriving in the city include: Asian and African communities, alongside those from the recently joined EU states such as; Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia.


Richard Baneham Animator, BAFTA and Academy Award winning animator