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UCD Centre for Research in Infectious Diseases McCullough Mulvin Architects


Dublin is hard-working and working hard. We are home to 15 of the world’s top 20 medical technologies companies and nine of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Seven out of ten blockbuster medicines (medicines generating more than $1 billion) are manufactured here.

Information and communication giants such as Hewlett Packard, Intel and Analog Devices are located in Ireland. They are forging links with indigenous companies such as Powervation, who are providing one of the essential elements of Intel’s microprocessor. Havok’s 3D animation technology is also embedded in Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony games development, and is a core component in Autodesk’s flagship 3D modelling programme 3ds Max. 

Havok Gaming

Dublin also has an internationally recognised financial services centre (IFSC) which employs over 25,000. It was ranked the 13th leading Financial Centre in the world in 2009. Half of the world’s top 50 banks and half the world’s top 20 insurance companies are located here, and Dublin has been ranked in the ‘Top 10 Places in the World to do Business’ by the World Bank. The IFSC was developed to boost financial activity and employment in Dublin but it was also a catalyst for urban regeneration in north inner city Dublin, and was the predecessor to the Dublin Docklands development.

Irish craft is famous around the world for its heritage (which stretches back through medieval to ancient times) and its modernity. Today Irish pottery, glass, ceramics, furniture and textiles are much sought after.



Ridge Silver designed by Cara Murphy