Turn design inside out

PIVOT Dublin


The world is at a pivot point. The systems and structures of the 20th century are crumbling away and we must adopt new approaches to how we live, work, engage with one another, and interact with the planet. Dublin finds itself at a confluence of these global forces, forced to pause, reflect and renew. Dubliners recognise the need for change, the need to reshape our city and its place in the world. We must look to our strengths as we try to navigate a sustainable path through these social, cultural, and economic changes.

One such strength is design. PIVOT Dublin is our response to Dublin’s unleashed potential to use design as the vehicle to turn things inside out; to become something else. PIVOT Dublin proposes the city as a test-bed for design solutions to local, national and global challenges. A pivot creates a departure point, a fulcrum, an angle from which to proceed. It is a step in the process of lining up for the next move. It suggests success, urgency and decisiveness.

Through resourceful design innovation, we will look at things afresh, rethink the ground-rules and change them for the better. It is an opportunity to reinvent the city; to make the undervalued valued, the ordinary extraordinary.

Dublin, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, is design.

TOP: Granny O’Grimm, Brown Bag Films. SIDE: Summer 2011 Dress, Orla Kiely