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PIVOT Dublin were delighted to have Pop-Up City as Guest Curators of our blog between the 4th and 18th of April 2013.

The Pop-Up City is a blog founded by Amsterdam-based space marketing agency Golfstromen. The blog explores the latest designs, trends and ideas that shape the city of the future and contemporary urban life.

Jeroen Beekmans and Joop de Boer‘s aim was to explore Dublin’s urban landscape to survey the city’s trendsetters, culture makers, and most influential initiatives. Here is their take on Dublin’s creative, bottom-up urbanism and culture.

You can find all the links to their blogs below from their conversation with Ali Grehan Dublin City Architect at OFFSET 2013 to Hacking in Dublin City.

The Bloggers in Residence program is a wider initiative that invites international bloggers who write about a variety of relevant subjects, to temporarily live in a different city and report on anything interesting that relates to the theme(s) of their blog. The idea is to harness the potential of bloggers to explore and highlight a city’s design and cultural treasures.


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