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The Hidden Room venue was The Central Bank of Ireland, Dame Street, Dublin 2. The Central Bank is the financial services regulator of Ireland. In 1967 Sam Stephenson was appointed to design the new headquarters.

The guest speaker was Ray Gastil, the discussion was chaired by Diarmaid Lawlor, and the DCC client was Gerry Geraghty. A full list of participants is below.

The group explored the following issue:

The provision of housing services is one of the principal functions of Dublin City Council, which maintains a property portfolio of over 26,000 dwellings within its administrative area.

As the design, delivery and management of housing is increasingly been outsourced to third parties, how does the City Council ensure that housing supply is designed and  constructed to the highest possible standards, and that the city receives the maximum return from public investment?




In the past, Dublin City Council directly provided all its own housing stock, by designing, constructing and maintaining dwellings for rent (and possible later sale) to tenants. Today, much of the City Council’s housing provision is outsourced, through various delivery mechanisms such as PPP’sPart V etc. However, high profile cases have emerged, which have unveiled deficiencies in these models. Cities similar to Dublin in the UK have utilised alternative methods of housing delivery and procurement -what can Dublin learn from these cities?

What criteria is required when assessing applications from private developers to ensure the city obtains maximum value and best quality for all parties concerned?

What could be piloted in 2015?


Devise a 2015 pilot initiative to guide Dublin City Council in procuring optimum quality and value public housing developments from the private sector.

Please see the group’s key slide plenary session presentation below.


Anthony McCaul

Brendan Sullivan

Claire McManus

Deirdre Ni Rathallaigh

Diarmaid Lawlor - Chair

Gerry Geraghty - DCC Client

Grainne Dunne

Jeanette Lowe

Karen Kennedy

Karl Dieter

Kate Joyce

Luke Meehan - Visualiser

Maura Connolly

Neil Murphy

Oisin Fagan

Paul Dunne

Paul Kearns

Pauline Byrne

Ray Gastil - Guest Speaker

Stephen Byrne

Stephen Musiol


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