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The Hidden Room venue was Waterways Ireland Visitor Centre Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2. Waterways Ireland is charged with the management, maintenance, development and restoration of certain inland navigable waterway systems throughout the island of Ireland.

The guest speaker was Thomas Ermacora, the discussion was chaired by Esther Gerrard and the DCC client was Paul Clegg. A full list of participants is below.

The group explored the following issue:

The Campshires located along Dublin’s Liffey quays possibly comprise some of the greatest amenity spaces in Dublin, however their maximum potential has not yet been fully realised particularly by local residents. What interventions could be introduced so that the campshires could become Dublin’s principal amenity attraction?




Dublin’s campshires are an industrial maritime legacy which were formerly used for loading and unloading ships docked along the river quays. Since the late 1990’s, an extensive programme of investment has been undertaken to develop its public realm with new paving, lighting, parks, cycle tracks and public sculpture, and a Docklands Campshire Vision was published by the Dublin Docklands Authority in 2007. The surrounding Docklands area itself has been redeveloped and regenerated into a world class business, residential and entertainment district for Dublin. Major private attractions in the area include the Point Theatre, Bord Gais Energy Theatre and the National Convention Centre, which are well serviced by Docklands Railway station, Dublinbikes and a LUAS (tram). The area is further endowed with a number of iconic bridges including the Samuel Beckett and the Sean O’Casey which connect the north and south Campshires. The Campshires along the river Liffey present themselves as the principal thoroughfare through the Docklands area, however their usability may be compromised at times e.g. by unguarded quaysides and the exposed environment which may impact on the provision of some amenities.

What interventions or catalysts could be introduced to transform the campshires into Dublin’s premier destination and amenity attraction, particularly for local residents? What could be trialled in 2015?


Devise a 2015 pilot project that could demonstrate the amenity value of the Campshires particularly for local residents and activate its transformation into a premier Dublin destination.

Please see the group’s key slide plenary session presentation below.


Betty Ashe

Cian Harte

Colin Farmer

Deirdre Black

Deirdre Scully

Derry Solon

Dina Ryan - Visualiser

Dolores Wilson

Esther Gerrard - Chair

Frances Corr

Gerard Meaney

Hayley Farrell

Marion Keogh

Mark Costello

Michelle Fagan

Niall Byrnes

Paul Clegg - DCC Client

Roisin Byrne

Ruth Williams

Stephanie Fy

Thomas Ermacora - Guest Speaker


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